How City Officials Stay Healthy and Fit on the Go

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City Officials take on a New Technology Approach in Fitness

As you can imagine staying fit while also taking care of a city and caring to its residents can be a difficult task.  Luckily with technology it has become a little easier for different ways to stay healthy.  You have online apps that have healthy recipes, workout plans, and even online coaching.  In fact some of our board member took on a challenge that they found online at   They challenge was an 8 week shred program that is an online training program with a nutrition plan and workouts sent directly to your smart phone.milltown fitness

This was great simply because of the convenience factor and everyone in our office has different schedules so it made to where every one who wanted to join in on the fun could.  There was $100 prize to the winner and Joshua even coached everyone along the way via a facebook community which was very motivating.  The program was found here at  and he customized the entire contest for us with about 20 people from our office.

It was fantastic to see how many people took the challenge on and the videos from the program were very clear on not just how to perform the workouts but also how important the nutrition aspect was.   Over the 8 weeks it was great to see people losing weight and you could feel how people were actually more confident coming into the office.  Most of us lost anywhere from 8-12 pounds but our co-worker Frank won the $100 prize with a 17 lb. weight loss over the 8 weeks.   We all came out of this experience with a better understanding of nutrition and even learned a lot about the importance of micronutrients because of his organifi superfoods green juice product that he promotes.

Over all I would say that I didn’t know what online personal training was initially and quite frankly I was a huge skeptic because I din’t know if I would be able to motivate myself enough to actually make it happen.  The reason I think it was so effective was because as a coach Joshua was available pretty much 24/7 and also because we  did it as a group it caused some accountability.  I believe that our office is overall happier and actually more efficient.  It is the first time that I have witness the fact that health and wellbeing truly does have a massive effect on our lives.

Business Start Ups – 10 Steps to Success

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Teamwork and team spirit - Hands piled on top of one another .

10 Tips on Successfully Starting A Business in the Community

Do you want to start a new business? Do you want it to be successful? For you to start and run a business to its maturity, you must know certain tips that would help you realize your dream. Here are the top 10 tips you need to know when starting a business:

  1. Start a business you love
    You are going to devote your energy and time and to start running a business to maturity, you must love it. Never start a business that you have no interest about since the chances of failing is higher.
  2. Know when you start your business

Starting a business needs you to have capital. You must ask yourself the duration that you can live without money especially when employed. You must time it correctly, if you want to be successful when running it.

  1. Write a good business plan
    A business plan will help you implement your idea into something tangible after starting. In addition, it would help you save time and money when starting a business to success.
  2. Do your research well
    You will do a lot of research when writing your business plan to help you understand the dynamics of running it.
  3. Get professional help
    If you have problems on how to implement it, you should get professional assistance. Some of the professional to consult an accountant or a bookkeeper.
  4. Hire a team to help youTeamwork and team spirit - Hands piled on top of one another .

Do not do it alone. You must hire a support system when starting a business. With a strong team, you will drive the agenda of the business thus realizing success through the process. You will avoid potential business start-up crisis.

  1. Obtain clients/ customers first
    Any business idea is driven by the needs of the customers. You must do something that would solve a problem or need of the people when you need your business to be successful in the end. NEVER START A BUSINESS FOR MONEY!!!!
  2. Get the capital/ start-up money
    You must have adequate money/ start-up capital that would help you start the business. You can also approach potential lenders, investors or financial institutions to give you financial assistance.
  3. Get the tax and legal issues right before starting
    It can be expensive and difficult to deal with tax and legal issues right after starting your business. Ensure you register your business, apply for tax, workers compensation insurance etc….
  4. Be professional from the start of the business
    You have must have good preparation for your business. You should ensure that you run your business in an appropriate way.

In conclusion, these are the top 10 tips you need to know when starting a business.

8 Amazing Ways to Market your Content Online

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Do you intend to increase your market client base? Or perhaps need a working strategy for marketing your content? Below are 8 simple but amazing ways to market your content and take your business to the next level:

Online Content Marketing

1.Ensure your website can deliver

Having a professional look in business is one of the best strategies towards better communication with clients.These can be achieved by having an attractive website in design and by redesigning whenever there is outdated content.Incase affording a bespoke web design is an issue you can always consider using other affordable website services to get your business fast and cost efficient.

2.Prioritize blogging

Having a blog is one of the most useful business tools.Although creating a blog might take effort and time, it is always worth the effort.You should always set aside time to create quality content on your website and publish it in regular time frames. As you increase your web publishing frequency, the blog manifold increases too.

3.Use video marketing to appeal

Always upload well organized and content-based videos to appeal to the customers on how effective the product you are advertising is.You can use various platforms such as youtube, yahoo and vimeo to deploy your videos.Whenever you have your published video, you can also pull out the audio and create a podcast or also pull out video transcriptions to create a blog post.This medium will help a great deal in marketing your content.

4.Using paid ads and remarketing

You can spend money on social media advertisements and also pay per click on search engines such as Google and You can also set up cookies to pop out as an advertisement whenever someone visits the site.

5.Using influence

Influencers are people that have a strong following and at the same time are good in internet media.Whenever site content is generated, you can send the content to a wider audience by sharing links with such influencers who in turn share the links to their followers. A good way to achieve this is by using influencers on platforms such as Twitter or Instagram.

6.Social media power

Social media is one of the widest spread mode of communication where one can reach a wide audience base at the same time.You can optimize in creating an active page where you interact and get in touch with clients.This medium also helps to answer many issues regarding the product being marketed.With social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp, information spreads very fast to a vast number of people that can reach millions.Sharing links is one of the best social media strategies.

7.Email your sources

You should consider sending multiple emails to signing up clients and all the existing customers. Such emails should be attached to links that direct to the site.You can also use cookies to obtain emails from website visitors hence increasing your contact base.

8.Distribute press release in specified durations

Press releases are important in creating client confidence.A press release can also be promotional in nature because it is an easy way to market your business and boost online visibility.Local newspapers and magazines can be of great help in a press release and, therefore, making contact are essential.